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I, Rombot: The (not so) Amazing Confession of a (non-)Mechanical Man
Bob and Rudy in 1969 Rudy and Bobby (as he was known then) together on Christmas Eve, 1969. Rudy the Robot Rudy today, a little worse for the wear, but still as great a robot as ever.

Hello! My name is Bob Schmitt and this is my site. Everything you see here - the art, design, words, photos, programming - is all the work of my hands and brain. That's me in the picture over there - Christmas, 1969 - with my brand new Rudy the Robot. I've always loved robots for as long as I can remember. I don't know why or when it started, maybe way back then on that Christmas Eve long ago, I just remember always being fascinated by robots all my life especially those great old tin robots from the 40s-70s.

I love science fiction too, especially from the golden age. Stories from masters like Asimov, Campbell, Heinlein, Clarke, Del Rey, Van Vogt, Weinbaum, Pohl, De Camp, Piper, Bester, Knight, Simak, Kornbluth, Sturgeon, Williamson, Smith, Blish, Leinster, Moore, Kuttner - the list could go on and on. And all the classic movies like This Island Earth, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, Destination Moon, When Worlds Collide, Forbidden Planet, the Day the Earth Stood Still, George Pal's War of the Worlds, etc. And, if it has robots in it, all the better!

Rombots started in 2005 when I decided I was going to leave my job and strike out on my own. I started my own multimedia/web development company called Redrom Interactive. At the time, Rombots was intended to be a sort of sister site for Redrom (hence the "ROM" in Rombots) to showcase my programming and design abilities especially as it pertains to Web technologies like Flash, PHP, MySQL, etc. I chose to make a game site because games offer the most challenge from a programming perspective and at the same time are the most fun from a design perspective. But I also wanted the site to have some sort of a theme, something to make it interesting beyond just a portfolio of work samples, and so I asked myself, "What do I like the most?" The obvious answer was "Robots!", and so the idea of Rombots was born. Several years (and many thousands of hours worth of work) later it's grown to what you see here.

I really hope you enjoy the site and have fun with all the things there are to see here. I've got lots of plans for adding more robot-related items as time goes on and I'd love to hear from you. Use the feedback link to let me know what you think of the site so far, and what you'd like to see more of in the future.

Carve It! Online
Carve your own Jack-'O-Lantern without getting pumpkin guts on you! Then, take a visit to our little Pumpkin Patch to see what others have carved.

Sure you can doodle anywhere, but does just anywhere have Robo-Assisted doodling? We think not! Also, don't forget to check out the Gallery.

Share the fun! Send a virtual postcard to friends and family. Birthdays, holidays, congratulations, or just to say, "hey!" — any occasion is right for a card.

Saturn Troubled Automaton Reclamation & Salvage is looking for a few good sentients to help rescue robots in need.

We ♥ Sudoku
We've got *everybody's* favorite game. The Sudoku Generator creates an endless variety of games — and even lets you design your own.

Circuitous Glitch
Zoomer's got a glitch, and he's got it bad. Help him fix it in this fast-paced twist on a serpentine classic.

Psychobotic Mind Reader
A machine can't read your mind? Sez you! Clear your mind, concentrate and give this game a try.

Psychobotic Mind Master
Our Psychobotic robot is back with his fiendishly tricky take on a puzzler's favorite.

Tag 'Em & Bag 'Em
Find and tag those elusive fish, without truly finding them. Puzzling? Yes, but it's a gamer's classic!

Target Robot Scramble
See if you can reassemble this classic robot. But hey, that's not the fun part — wait a bit and it'll fix itself. Fun to watch!

Robot Posties
Can't get enough classic robots? Post them all over your desktop. Oh yeah, and you can add useful notes too (as if you needed a reason).

Coming Soon from Rombots
Check this space often for the next new thing from Rombots.